Media - Memories - 8th December

Last year โ€” 2022

Lowest temperature was 16.9°C at 23:59, highest was 27.5°C at 13:40.

2 years ago โ€” 2021

Lowest temperature was 16.2°C at 23:59, highest was 22.3°C at 12:12.

4 years ago โ€” 2019

Lowest temperature was 21.0°C at 05:05, highest was 29.4°C at 14:41.

  • We picked up a couple of these from Aldi today, trying it with pork scotch fillets on the barbecue. I'm very curious to see how it turns out. (Also Kristina pointed out that the two hands at the bottom look like they're gripping dicks and now I can't unsee it).

    Posted on 8 December 2019, 19:07

5 years ago โ€” 2018

Lowest temperature was 18.2°C at 06:14, highest was 32.7°C at 15:56.

7 years ago โ€” 2016

Lowest temperature was 21.0°C at 05:23, highest was 35.0°C at 14:55.

8 years ago โ€” 2015

Lowest temperature was 21.7°C at 06:33, highest was 27.3°C at 16:38.

10 years ago โ€” 2013

12 years ago โ€” 2011