Media - Memories - 27th May

2 years ago — 2022

Lowest temperature was 10.6°C at 07:00, highest was 19.9°C at 15:28.


    I am now officially discharged from the exercise physiologist! 🎉 When we started a few months ago, she had a "force meter" device where it was attached to my ankle at the front and I'd sit down and pull as hard as I could backwards. My right leg measured ~13kg and my left was 11kg. Today we did it again, and the right leg was 20kg and the left was 24kg! I'm not at the point yet where I'm able to have the elliptical up to where I used to use it (previously I was at 12˚ incline, 14 resistance out of a maximum of 20, right now I'm at 2˚ incline with 7 resistance) but that'll just be a matter of building up to it. 💪🏻

    Posted on 27 May 2022, 13:25

3 years ago — 2021

Lowest temperature was 6.0°C at 07:07, highest was 19.7°C at 14:34.

9 years ago — 2015

Lowest temperature was 9.3°C at 06:41, highest was 22.9°C at 13:06.

11 years ago — 2013