Memories - 22nd April

Last year โ€” 2023

Lowest temperature was 10.4°C at 06:09, highest was 21.9°C at 14:02.

2 years ago โ€” 2022

Lowest temperature was 14.9°C at 05:09, highest was 20.6°C at 11:25.

  • My First Drum Solo

    I made my first drum recording in GarageBand! ๐Ÿ˜ Very short, but whatever. I've been mucking around on the guitar with that as the backing track, haha.

    Posted on 22 April 2022, 18:40

4 years ago โ€” 2020

Lowest temperature was 11.6°C at 06:44, highest was 26.7°C at 14:28.

6 years ago โ€” 2018

Lowest temperature was 16.9°C at 06:50, highest was 25.3°C at 13:41.

8 years ago โ€” 2016

Lowest temperature was 18.1°C at 07:03, highest was 26.8°C at 12:58.

16 years ago โ€” 2008


    A friend of mine took this photo of me last Saturday night.

    I heart my new coat.


    Posted on 22 April 2008, 12:29

17 years ago โ€” 2007



    Went out for birthday dinner and drinks with my friends tonight. I had lots and lots of drinks, and payed for not a one! And I’m really quite drunk right now. ๐Ÿ˜€


    Posted on 22 April 2007, 3:12