Memories - 2nd October

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Lowest temperature was 10.7°C at 05:00, highest was 30.6°C at 14:54.

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15 years ago — 2008


    w00t! I have unlocked iPhone goodness. I just have to wait until the new plan I’m switching to with Three kicks in before I can use data (should be the 7th of this month).

    I’m also starting to get back into playing Warhammer 40,000. A few of us are having a big (in number of players, not number of points) battle on Sunday, and almost all of us have new armies.

    I’ve gone Imperial Guard, which will be interesting… my other army is Eldar!

    Actually, I tell a lie… those photos were taken a while ago, and I’ve just gotten back into painting them again. I’ve got another squad of ten Guardsmen finished too.

    Posted on 2 October 2008, 17:23

19 years ago — 2004


    Over the past year and a half, my stereo has developed an odd problem: it won’t output any sound if the weather gets hot. The sound level meters on the front are moving, but nothing comes out of the speakers. Well, it’s now completely died, so I’m investing in a new setup.

    On my Dad’s recommendation, I’m not going to get one of those all-in-one mini-system thinks, because they’re, well…crap, heh. Not to mention that even though my stereo has a CD player, radio, and twin tape deck, I never use them. All I use it for is the auxilliary input so I can route the sounds from my computer, Xbox, and GameCube through it.

    So, I’ve ordered a Harman-Kardon HK670 amplifier and a set of Wharfedale D82 bookshelf speakers.

    They’re meant arrive Wednesday or Thursday next week, and Dad said he’ll go down and pick them up on Friday. w00t!

    Posted on 2 October 2004, 18:35